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Specifications for PRO 3400-1 ozone generator
ozone Pro 3400 
Generation method: Corona discharge utilizing mica plate technology.
Supply Gas: Ambient Air 
Max. ozone output: 1000 mg/hr up gradable to 3600 mg/hr by the addition of four more generator plates
Control options: On off push button switch standard on all models.
- PRO 3400-1 (Fully variable ozone output control)
Dimensions: 13.25" L X 5" W X 5" H / 128mm H X 128mm W X 337mm L
Electrical:120 Volt, .5 Amp, 60 Watt, 50 - 60Hz
240 Volt, .2 Amp, 50 Watt, 50/60Hz
Fan Size: 34 cfm
Construction: Stainless steel inner chassis with a high impact extruded PVC cabinet.
Maintenance: Under normal 24 hr/day use the PRO 3400-1 ozone generator should be cleaned every four to eight weeks using dish soap, water and a tooth brush. Cleaning frequency is highly dependant on the humidity level of the air that the ozone generator receives.
Warranty: The PRO 3400-1 is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 6 years from date of purchase. Liability is limited to parts and labor only. Shipping is the sole responsibility of the customer. Crystal Air  is not liable for damage caused by shipping, misuse, neglect or lack of regular maintenance.
Uses: The PRO 3400-1 ozone generator is designed for use in larger rooms and commercial applications. This unit does have a variable control for adjusting the output. It comes equipped with one generator plate that allows up to 1000 mg/hr ozone production. If the unit is found to be not quite large enough simply add up to 4 gen. plates increasing output to as high as 3600 mg/hr.