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Before Doing a Treatment

Before Doing a Treatment

Ozone Generator Shock Treatment Procedures

What should I do Before Doing a Treatment?

The key to maximizing ozone's potential is to remove the source of the odor prior to the shock treatment. Example: If you have pet odors, find out where they are coming from (usually carpet somewhere) and have it cleaned. Or if you have mold problems, locate the mold and clean it off the area using bleach. Or if there is a dirty film built up from cigarette smoke wash the dirty areas first. Removing the source of the odor will definitely increase the effectiveness of the ozone treatment and prevent the odor from coming back.

How do I treat a single room?

A single room with an odor/mold problem should be treated by raising the concentration of ozone to a high level in the room for an extended period of time. This is done by placing the recommended generator in the room and turning it on at its highest setting. The ozone generator should be placed in a central location and the door should be closed. Also place a towel at the bottom of the door so the ozone does not leak out causing a lower ozone concentration in the room.

To increase shock treatment effectiveness, set up an oscillating fan to help move the ozone throughout the room. If the humidity level in the house is high (above 75%) a dehumidifier would also help. High humidity in the air will significantly reduce the ozone output of the generator. The best condition for removing odor/mold is low humidity levels and high ozone levels.

Can I be in the house while treating a single room?

Yes, but make sure you are not in the high concentration of ozone for an extended period of time. It is fine to quickly go into the room and turn off the ozone generator but try not to be exposed to the high concentration for more than a few minutes. Ozone has no negative long term health effects but it can cause temporary headaches, dry eyes, or sore throat. When you are done treating the room make sure you allow the ozone to air out before you enter the room for an extended period of time. This may take about an hour. When you do enter the room you will still smell the lingering ozone smell, but it should be at a low enough concentration that it will not cause any irritation.

How do I treat an entire house or apartment?

It is possible to treat an entire house during a single rental period. However, this is only recommended if the house will be vacant during the duration of the treatment.

Start by running the ozone generator in the area with the worst odor problem. Treat this area for as long as it takes to eliminate the odor. (Treating an area may take days depending on the strength of the odor and the output rating of your generator.) After the worst odors are eliminated, treat the next-worst area and so on until all odors are eliminated.

If possible, try placing the Ozone Generator facing an air intake for a furnace or central air system. Turn on the ozone generator and the furnace or air conditioner fan. This will circulate the ozone through the entire house possibly removing your odor problem without your having to move the generator around at all.

How do I treat a vehicle?

Doing an ozone shock treatment in a vehicle is easy. Simply, set the generator on a seat or central location in the vehicle and turn it on as high as possible. One of the windows may be opened slightly to run an extension cord through, otherwise close all doors and windows. Run the ozone generator as much as possible during your rental period. If your vehicle has a recirculation feature for the HVAC turn that on while the vehicle is running for 20 minutes everyday. This will clean out any odors in the vents.

After an ozone shock treatment, open the doors and windows for 20 minutes before driving the vehicle.