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ozone Oztap

The Oztap water, hand, and food wash ozone generator uses no electricity to operate. power for the ozone generation is generated by the water flowing through the unit. Ideal in the house, the cottage, etc., use for drinking water, food and hand wash, plant feeding water, etc.. The uses for this water treatment ozone generator are endless. Note:

Specifications for Oztap ozone generator

Generation method: corona discharge 
Supply Gas: Ambient Air 
Max. ozone output: 70 mg/hr 
Water ozone O3 concentrations: 0.1-0.3PPM 
Controls: On/Off pushbutton switch. 
Dimensions: 4" long x 3" wide x 3" height 
Weight: 0.5 lb 
Electrical: None! Three-phase AC brushless generator hydraulic generator! 
Pressure requirements: 30-60 psiwater pressure. (higher pressure will result in a stronger ozone rich water) 
Fuse rating: None 
Construction: ABS 
Maintenance: None. 
Warranty: The Oztap is warranted for 6 months. 
Uses: The Oztap is ideally suited for washing vegetables, fruit, hands etc.. . 
***Normal water pressure is required to operate this ozone water system!*** 
Features : 

1. Tap driven hydropower
2. Simple installation with no wiring
3. Easy to use, no disposables
4. Bactericidal, deodorant power and health is priceless
5. Quality assurance, strong economy

Detoxification and Fresh Maintenance:
Ozone rich water will help remove pesticides, fertilizers, germs, bad smell and prolong the fresh storage period if used to wash fruits, vegetables, and meats. Ozone water washing meat will help to keep it free from bad smell and keep it fresh and good tasting good for a longer period.
 Click here to read US FDA info on using ozone as a antimicrobial for food storage and processing.

Germicidaland Deodorization action:
Fresh ozone rich water, if used to wash dishware, tea ware, cutting boards, and other cooking utensils, will not only remove smells but will kill common germs. Ozone washed stored vegetables will stay fresh longer.
 Click here to read US FDA info on using ozone as a antimicrobial for food storage and processing.

Drinking water:
For potable water the Oztap can help to reduce chlorine, bacteria, etc. from the water. Even safe city drinking water can pick up contaminants in the pipes before it gets to your home, using the Oztap will help to remove of the contaminants and make for a safer drinking water. Note:

Download installation instructions here

***Note: This ozone generator is not designed for purifying contaminated water. This ozone generator is designed for washing items such as fruit, vegetables, and hands, as well as "freshening" drinking water.***

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