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Power Water Phone

Information about Power Water Phone Service & Roads in Seymour Arm


There are no commercial power or land phone lines in Seymour Arm. This is one of the few communities that don’t have these services. As such we rely on generating our own power in many different ways.  Many rely on generator power. Another alternative is Inverter power: by Inverting DC power to 120 volt AC, the problem is generating a charge for the batteries. This is done by running a generator with a battery charger for a period of time. Other charging systems include solar panels, water power generators, and even wind, although wind in Seymour is not constant enough to rely on. Solar panels are great in the summer but forget it the winter. This whole subject is an education in itself when you choose to live in Seymour Arm.

Cell Phone Service

The only phone service is analog cell phone and the signal is weak, many people add an outside antenna to improve reception. Handheld analog phones will receive but it is very spotty. Some handhelds have the feature of both analog and digital. Digital cell phone's will not work in Seymour Arm at this time.
Telus is not promoting analog any more.  We travel the Yellowhead mainly and places like Clearwater, Barrier, Valmont, all have Digital service now and not analog. There has been talk of adding a repeater in the Seymour area, I believe that would be digital, this would improve the whole system as you could send and receive your emails and even go on to the internet.    

If anyone has any further information about cell phone service, please let us know.

Most of the town of Seymour Arm is on a water line that is piped in from a creek off Long Ridge. THIS IS UNTREATED WATER  and should be boiled before drinking. There is a treatment plant located beside the Community wharf. A limited amount of drinking water can be picked up here. There are some fire hydrants throughout the town and if you are visiting for a period of time you should get instructions on operating fire hydrants and fire equipment.

Roads to Seymour Arm

Logging Road (Low Road) Only year round road
Most Seymour Arm Residents have road radio's. Summer traffic without a radio, it is recommend that you follow a vehicle that has a radio. In the winter it is highly recommended that you have a road radio. Generally there is so much snow that it is difficult to get by on coming traffic. Chain's or 4 wheel drive are a must.

Road numbers
From St.Ives to 2 mile camp is "in "10 hundred " "@"                             approx. 28 km
from 2 mile to 5.5km or the Mill  "up"  "ten"-"twenty"  "@"                     approx. 4 km
from Mill to 9.5 "up" "eleven hundred"  "@"                                           approx. 9.5 km

The 42km trip in from pavement can take 45 minutes to1 and half hours depending on road and weather conditions.



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