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Seymour Arm Hicking Trails

The following information will give you some of the history and trails available in the Seymour Arm Area.

Seymour Arm Hicking Trails

Seymour Arm Hicking Trails

Electoral Area 'F'. First settled in 1810, Seymour Arm became a boom town around 1860 with the discovery of gold to the east in what was known as the "Big Bend Gold Rush". By 1865, it had a population of about 500, and was known as Ogden City or Ogdenville. In 1866, the name was changed to Seymour, named for Lord Seymour, governor of the land that became British Columbia.

SEYMOUR RIVER FALLS The Seymour River Falls are approximately 8 km from Seymour Arm. To reach the Falls, follow the road past the Seymour Arm sawmill for .4 km until one comes to a road branching off to the right and marked by a sign saying "Falls". Follow this road for 1 km until one comes to a fork in the road. Turn left and proceed north along a well used logging road.

Follow along #1100 Road past the turn into Seymour Arm townsite. At the 15 km sign you will cross the Seymour River. Follow along for about 1.2 km to the wide spot in the bend of the road. Park and follow signs.

Length and Time:
The walk from the road to the falls takes no more than five minutes. Remember to wear suitable shoes and watch your footing.


The trail to the falls is difficult to find. The best method is to listen for the falls and then hunt along the roadside for the trail head.

The falls, most spectacular in the spring runoff, derive their rugged beauty from the Seymour River's apparent desire to rest itself in a pool above the falls and then take a 40 foot plunge through a narrow gorge. This is the largest and most impressive Falls in the North Shuswap. Lots of huckleberries, blueberries, cranberries, bears, squirrels and birds. You will be surrounded by a majestic old growth forest.

At trailhead parking area (wide spot in the bend of the river). Park and follow the signs.

Other Interesting Details:
Prior to the arrival of white men, the Salish Nation controlled the BC Interior. Powerful among Salish tribes were the Shuswap, who ranged the Thompson-Shuswap watersheds. Their main trade route lay along the entire length of the Thompson and on up through Little Shuswap and Shuswap Lakes.

At the north end of Seymour Arm, Shuswap traders crossed a pass through the ice-peaked Monashees to trade with tribes from the flatlands east of the Rockies. At a point near 100 Mile on Highway 97, the Shuswap traded dried salmon and jade weapons and implements, for buffalo hides and pemmican.

Seymour City had its beginuings in 1865, when Wm. Downie travelled the Columbia River from Colville, Washington to the Big Bend, finding rich pay-dirt on the bars of French Creek. In 1866 the Hudson's Bay Company built the sternwheeler Marten to complete the link between the Caribou Trail and Seymour City, where prospectors were flocking for the final hike through the Monashees to the Columbia.

By 1867, Seymour City was virtually deserted. The Hudson's Bay Company removed its men and equipment and what had been a roaring gold rush town resounded only to the call of the loon aud the coyote.

Shortly after the turn of the century, a British land scheme brought in several settlers to grow fruit in the temperate climate of Seymour Arm. This too failed; they were too far from markets to succeed. Only the Collins family remained; Guy Collins has maintained the beautiful home built by his artist father, a showplace of gracious Victorian living. Of the commercial buildings, only the hotel withstood the ravages of time. The hotel has been renovated. It is a lovely place to stay, with full dining-room facilities. Shuswap Lake Ferry runs three times a week during the tourist season. A day trip on the Phoebe Ann paddlewheeler from Sicamous is a long-remembered treat for visitors.

Seymour Arm Beach Walks - Sllver Beach to Bughouse Bay
Located eastward from Seymour Arm townsite. A nice stroll about 40 minutes return, on white sandy beach, past a floating store and marine gas station that still occasionally uses the old toll crank server. Campsites are found on both Silver Beach and Bughouse Bay. Beautiful white sand. Stop for a swim or a picnic.

Fowler Point
At Seymour Arm townsite, to the right of the ferry docks, is a nice sandy beach where the Seymour River enters Shuswap Lake.

From the west, follow Road #1100 past the turn into Seymour Arm Townsite. At approximately the 23.5 km mark, the road forks under the power line. Keep right and drive about 3.5 km to the 66 km marker. PARK HERE. The trail is on the right side of the road.

From the east leave the Trans Canada Highway at Bearsdale Castle on Perry River Road, going north and follow the main logging road past the power line, then west along the power line to the 66 km marker. Park. The trail is on your left. This is a 3.8 km trail to a forestry lookout, through an alpine/semi-alpine forest and can be travelled in two or three hours. This is a very steep trail and should only be attempted by those in very good hiking condition. Use CAUTION. The #1100 and Perry River Roads are active logging roads, and the trail is through GRIZZLY BEAR habitat. The trail is not maintained.



Situated on the upper Seymour River, this is part of the legendary road to the Columbia gold fields and the site of the old Cotton Belt Mine. Stay on the #1100 Road past Seymour Arm and watch for the sign "Grace Mountain" situated on the upper Seymour River, 29 km NE of Seymour Arm. From Seymour Arm, travel east past Seymour River Falls. Watch for the sign shortly after crossing the bridge on Blay Creek, about 2 hours drive from Seymour Artn. PARK here. Grace Mountain lies to the east.

This is part of the legendary road to the Columbia goldfields in 1865. Silver ore was found at Grace Mountain and its Cotton Belt Mine was so named because of the limestone dike running across it. There are several old mine shafts on Grace Mountain, and a few o1d mining cabins are still standing.

Trail length is 6.4 km of moderate but steady climb between river level and alpine meadow. This will take a full day. In order to hike this trail, you must be an expert hiker at finding and following o1d trails, otherwise you will be lost quite often. Although this trail has been slated for improvements in 1993, it is recommended by Forestry that you wait until the improvements have been made. PACK water and a compass. Knowledge of the area a defiliite asset.

Steady climb to alpine.


This is an old trail to the lead-silver mine site on Mt. Grace. There are several old mine shafts on Grace Mountain. Used in early spring when the snow has packed well, this is considered one of the finest snowmobile areas in the world. However, its vastness and appeal make carrying extra gas mandatory.



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