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Drowning at Albas this summer

old news


old news  
  Pictures from around town February 2007 W Marks

January 22 2007
When was the last time we had this amount of snow in town.
Same pictures better format
Trying something different same pictures in pdf format

Now this is Seymour Arm in the winter!!!

January 17 2007



Pictures of the new wharf construction March 2007

Alberta man drowns in Shuswap fall


Someone passed on this link thanks
Alfred Daniels finds meteorite March 31 1965
Foot note: the other fellow with Alf was Judy Abbott's Brother and Kellie's uncle


Slugs bring out the killer instinct

We're just back from our annual Mothers day week to the cabin.
We have been making this trip for many years, meeting up with a group of Realtor friends that have been making the annual Mother's Day trip for over 20 years. They leave their wives at home and rent a houseboat. They tour 3 to 4 arms of the lake over a 5 day period and stay at least 2 nights at Seymour Arm. This year they gave up 1 day of their trip to help build our new dock. We often wonder how they can leave the wives for the past 20 years on Mothers Day. Since they all have been married to the same ladies for 30 years or more, they must be doing something right. Thanks to Larry, Al, Brian and Steve



Albertans drive up B.C. real estate prices

The attached article from the National Post of Saturday October 16 best describes the happenings on Seymour Arm Drug Bust.
From the Reporter Brian Hutchinson
Click here for Text version of National Post Saturday October 16 Reporter Brian Hutchinson


Sonja Ruhnke
Sonja is working in Denmark and won't be home for Christmas.
Sonja Xmas DKK.jpg (46436 bytes)

Gltedelig jul og Godt Nytar. Alt Gar Godt I Danmark.
Haber alt star vel til hos jer.

Things are going great half way around the world in Denmark. Having a great time with all my Danish friends and new guy. I'm now in Hanover Germany staying with my family for Christmas. I'm always trying to tell my friends here what life at the lake is like and they just dont understand.
Sonja Ruhnke


New addition to Milligan Clan
Lucas was born Oct 20 To Kayla & Tim
 img00016.jpg (213272 bytes) img00025.jpg (296314 bytes)

Wedding in our family November 11 2000
mvc-059s.jpg (114927 bytes)
Shawn & Anita Montgomery

Wedding at the Ranch in August
mvc-411s.jpg (40275 bytes) harry.jpg (35187 bytes)
Monica & Harry


tamzyn.jpg (19821 bytes)

Photo & text taken from Jan. 31/01 edition of Eagle Valley News, Sicamous, B.C.

Seymour Arm Student wins top Canadian Award
Eagle River Secondary School principal Rag Fogarty presented Tamzyn Bradley of Seymour Arm with the Governor General's Academic Medal. Tamzyn, who took her grade 12 at ERSS, achieved the highest average upon graduation. The Governor General's Academic Medal was first awarded in 1873 by the Earl of Dufferin, and has since become one of the most prestigious awards that a student in a Canadian educational institution may receive. The Governor General of Canada continues this tradition of encouraging scholarship across the nation and recognizing outstanding students. Congratulations, Tamzyn and parents, Lorne & Vivian Bradley!



Check out Calendar of Summer Event

Results from July Long weekend Horseshoe Tournament
There were 76 entries, a beer garden & concession stand

Men's Singles
Men's Doubles
Dorn & Lester
Women's Singles
Women's Dbles
Les & Wendy
Mixed Double's
Abby & Wendy
Kid's Singles
Kids & Adults
Les & Chelsey

   Wedding @ Seymour Arm June 24, 2000
Congratulations to Karen & Client
Karen Fossen and her family are long time summer residents of Seymour Arm. Karen and Client Perlick held their wedding on the beach in front of their neighbor's cabin, George Brochu.
Click Here to View pictures

New Cabin going up in Gilman Bay June 24 2000
5 trucks brought concrete from Chase and Ferry Service hauled them across the lake. Lloyd Porteous had a busy day unloading the trucks with his backhoe.
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Fall Fair September 11-12 Results

 pictures High water june 20 99

Seadoo accident at Seymour Arm
at about 5:00 pm August 17. Word is that the 26 years old women died when another Seadoo run over the Seadoo she was riding The incident happened just west of the point .

update Aug 18 !999
Two teens drown at Celista Creek
Aug 17 2nd Body found

Aug 10
  Results from August Long Week End

July 28 1999
2 nd Annual Swim across the lake took place July 27. 25 Swimmers and 11 safety boats. Many of the swimmers had some $400 in pledges. This event is just getting bigger every year. Weather was fantastic. Great warn up to The Sizzler weekend.

New pictures High water june 20 99

Mud Slide Takes Out Town Water Supply!
On Friday July 9th, at approximately 5:30 am a large mud slide came down Long Ridge above the town's dam site, breaking the Dam. The slide followed the creek right down to the lake, causing the closure of the road to the south shore, and shakey hollow (bug house bay) campsite. Ron Krease was busy clearing the mud, huge boulders and trees, at last count. The town is on limited water, until something can be done with the dam.

Alf Daniels in for Operation!
Alf Daniels of Daniels store has had an operation at Kamloops Hospital to replace a hip joint. Last heard everything went well, and Alf was enjoying all the attention from the nurses! He may be returning in the fall to have his other hip replaced.



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